Stuardo Rodríguez (StR) a general purpose voting tool

EOS, can’t be compared to any other blockchain. EOS can’t be compare to anything as it’s always changing. It is an evolving system. It has been growing, changing, being improved, and changed again so many times, and it hasn’t even been live for more than 3 months. It was not meant to be dead-code that […]

64 GB of RAM is not enough!

RAM! RAM! RAM! It’s the eosio hot topic. Before initiating the launch of the mainnet, a minimum amount of RAM was agreed between the BPCs, since the mainnet would have as real capacity, only what the BPC with less resources provides. We at eosMeso have been testing the flexibility of our infrastructure, trying to increase […]

eosio block producers elections are coming

As the eosio main net release day approaches, it is very important for every one of us, eosio enthusiast, to do our homework of knowing the block producer candidates. It is a lot of hard work to read every single candidate proposal, and all the documentation they all write in stone using Steemit’s blockchain. Thanks […]