Jose “Fire is Born” Toriello

Head of Strategy and Relations

Siyaj K’ak

Jose has inspired many in Guatemala and the world to discover bitcoin and blockchain since 2014.  His passion for ethics, transparency and a “world of we” has taken him to dedicate full time to this since late 2016.  Since the publication of the whitepaper, he has been sharing his belief that “this is going to be it” with any one who will listen.  He is founding member of,, Bullbro Inc,, and volunteer, board member and donor to Asociación de Amigos del Lago de Atitlán, a for impact organization working to install a water utility, lake saving, energy generating, wastewater management infrastructure in Mesoamerica’s most iconic lake, Lake Atitlán.

He is routinely called upon by people in the local tech sphere to explain the importance of blockchain. He has gathered with tech and business leaders, medical proffessionals, indigenous movements, entertainment and media, non-profits, and government institutions to relay to them the best ways to prepare for the coming changes.

He is a member of Abundance 360 digital community, UFM alumn and has attended several industry related gatherings like Startup Societies Summit, Singularity University Global Summit, BlockCon, Re-start Week, The North American Bitcoin Conference, Polycon and others to build relationships, better understand where we are going and represent what he has learned locally.