Juan José “Decorated Jaguar” Estrada

Balam Ajaw

Co-Founder and Chairman of E10 and Grupo OEG. His purpose is to help solve humanity's biggest energy challenges in emerging markets. With over three decades of track record investing and building companies, Juan José has positioned himself as an innovator in the energy infrastructure sector in Central America.

His portafolio companies include CESA, leader involved in building the most advanced tier-3 data centers in Guatemala and providing uptime in the energy sector.

The E10 portfolio also includes HYBRICO and KINGO. HYBRICO is a start-up delivering end-to-end energy-as-a-service solutions through hybrid systems to the telecom industry in emerging markets, helping reduce their energy costs while creating a greener more connected future. And KINGO, which is creating the largest clean energy user base in history through pre-paid decentralized solar energy services for the base of the pyramid in emerging markets.

KINGO recently made headlines when they announced a breakthrough investment from Leonardo DiCaprio
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