Hardware and Infrastructure

Most people don’t know, but our region has a very robust internet infrastructure. The combination of a good telecom and energy legal framework and the geographical location between Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, have made it a hotbed for international internet connections. There is a 2/1 phone numbers to people ratio in Guatemala since many people have a phone with 2 or even 3 providers. The competition among the largest players and newcomers has been great for the customer. This environment is great for eosMeso too, because we can migrate our DEDICATED SERVERS from provider to provider or locate our OWN SERVERS if we wish, inside proven data centers with industry standard operations that will be very onerous to maintain for a single service that is not inside a shared facility and expose the network to attack if done without professional expertise. Having ISO certified tier 3 data centers at our disposal from several different providers, all vying to win our business is something positive for the network, both on redundancy and on network cost sides of the equation.