In the year 374 A.D, close to the mayan long count date of, The king of Teotihuacán, “Owl who will strike”, had grown tired of the corrupt regime governing Tikal, whose powerful had  unjustly taken advantage, extracting wealth willy nilly from the surrounding cities based on fear, ineptitude and repression.  “Owl who will Strike” wise as he was, knew that the lands to the east and south were ready for a better order.  He  summoned his council of elders who chose a visitor, a leader who had fled the corrupt Tikal regime, who had impressed the court with his valor and wit.  His name was Fire is Born, Siyac Cac, and he was selected to lead a mission to replace this regime with a new dynasty, a dynasty of hope.

Siyac kak, Fire is born, led a large committee of artisans, scribes, merchants, nobles  and warriors across the lands towards Tikal. Along the way, they peacefully exchanged with each of the main cities in between and let them all know that with them travelled the soon to be new king Ahau of Tikal, Yax Nuun Ayhin, Curly Snout Crocodile, son of Owl who will strike and only a baby at the time.

Fire is born’s committee led a successful regime change, welcome by the people of Mesoamerica, who were tired of the corruption that gripped Tikal and had robbed them of peace for so long. After years of efforts,  Yax Nuun Ayin was accepted by the people as ahau and was married to an honest lady of the Tikal court. Their children, were the dynasty responsible for over 250 years of peace and prosperity in the region, monuments of which still stand tall in the jungle to this day. Their cosmovision and delivery on promises inspired civilizations throughout  MesoAmerica whose traditions live on to this day.

We draw inspiration from this picturesque interpretation of past events and will work with all our might to to usher in peacefully, the change to a better order, a better system.   We wish to foster the adoption of the EOS system within the local cultures in a way that builds value for everyone and wins the hearts of the people. We hope to help allow for a renaissance to occur, hopefully to be known in the future as the “New Classic” period of Mesoamerica’s history.

We are eosmeso: set in stone