eosMeso made its mark on EOS Events in Asia

eosMeso were proud to participate in the recently held EOS conferences in Seoul, South Korea and Shanghai, China. Two of our team members, Jose Toriello and Daniel Toledo, participated in the events and were very well received by the generous hosts EosNodeOne, AcroEOS, EOSYS, EOSCannon, EOSMeetOne and EOSGravity. Our thanks to them! EOS Community Conference […] a general purpose voting tool

EOS, can’t be compared to any other blockchain. EOS can’t be compare to anything as it’s always changing. It is an evolving system. It has been growing, changing, being improved, and changed again so many times, and it hasn’t even been live for more than 3 months. It was not meant to be dead-code that […]

64 GB of RAM is not enough!

RAM! RAM! RAM! It’s the eosio hot topic. Before initiating the launch of the mainnet, a minimum amount of RAM was agreed between the BPCs, since the mainnet would have as real capacity, only what the BPC with less resources provides. We at eosMeso have been testing the flexibility of our infrastructure, trying to increase […]

Today’s Google Cloud outage didn’t affect the EOS network

Today, Tuesday July 17th around 13:17 Hrs (GMT-6), EOS Metal reported that several BPs including 4 of the top 21 were offline, or re-synchronizing the chain. See attached image of in this article. Apparently this anomalous situation had the query servers or API without responding to external connections, however, several claimed that their production servers […]

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Why the bare metal argument for EOS BP’s is incomplete.

There have been some BPs and public personalities advocating for a vote for BARE METAL block producers. This article is an attempt to expand on this issue and perhaps give voters a more balanced perspective on the matter. The argument goes something like this: “Bare metal servers are the best because they ensure no 3rd […]

Block Producer Candidates by Region

Over the last 3-4 months we have seen the number of block producer candidates explode. A vibrant international community is emerging that represents an inflection point in blockchain technology, and it has been a pleasure to be part of such an amazing community. The amount of Block Producer Candidates (BPCs) has increased over the last […]

Underdog BP’s you wanna root for, and could vote for

Hello EOS, Hello World. You might have been watching the EOS mainnet launch over the past few weeks. The early results are in and they are on the one hand inspiring and on the other maybe worrisome. On the positive side, we have ONE mainnet. Considering the possibility of there being 5 or more, only […]

eosMeso code of conduct

At eosMeso we are excited about the future we are co-creating. Our vision is of a world no longer limited by borders, no longer oppressed by unfair laws that do not represent the people they rule or conduce to human flourishment, a world more connected across natural and cultural boundaries, where people can share, create […]