64 GB of RAM is not enough!

RAM! RAM! RAM! It’s the eosio hot topic. Before initiating the launch of the mainnet, a minimum amount of RAM was agreed between the BPCs, since the mainnet would have as real capacity, only what the BPC with less resources provides. We at eosMeso have been testing the flexibility of our infrastructure, trying to increase the RAM of the nodes up to 512 GB and down to 64 GB.

During our tests we realized that 64 GB of RAM is not enough for one node. The memory allocated for the node must have minimum 64 GB only for the RAM purchased by the users, but nodeos needs more RAM for its internal operation, and more RAM for the operating system, backup systems, monitoring systems, and other systems. 64 GB of RAM per node is not enough.

Nor is it just the physical factor

Problems were demonstrated in different nodes that, when it came to needing more than 1 GB of RAM, to the point that one of the BPs was unregistered while fixing the problem. Having RAM and knowing how to configure it are two different things. In eosMeso we dedicate time to train our technical staff to have pre-allocated 90 GB of RAM for nodeos.

eosMeso at 90GB of RAM

After different tests, we believe that 128 GB RAM nodes are the minimum, as long as the RAM offer does not grow. We are also satisfied with our physical flexibility to be able to triple the offer if a consensus is reached in the future.

Now, with the issue of the high cost of RAM, Dan proposes to increase the offer to reduce the cost. For this, it is necessary that the BPCs physically have more than 128 GB, because we fall in the same, “128 GB of RAM is not enough” issue. Partial increases would mean many possible errors and temporary service losses. The worst of all is that we do not believe that this is the solution to the root problem, but we will discuss that in another post.

Do you think that the current BPs will be able to offer the necessary infrastructure in case 128 GB of RAM is offered to the user? Have you considered voting for eosMeso who is ready for that jump?

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