eosio voting elections are just around the corner, and we don’t have voting booths!

One of the most important differences that make eosio so fast compared to other blockchains like Bitcoin or Ethereum, is the amount of computers needed to maintain the network structure. Bitcoin uses a concept called “proof of work”, in which the result of a complex mathematical calculation is solved to proof they did some work to validate the transfers between different accounts. The reason to need a complex calculation was so that no one could approve invalid data, like auto assigning one million dollars to themselves. The computer that gets the answer first, gets a prize of 12.5 BTC (or $12,500). That amount is given away every 10 minutes, so a lot of people want to calculate that answer as fast as possible. Groups of people got together and put their computers together to get to the solution faster, and if they get the prize, they split the earnings between the group. These pools of computers can sum thousands of computers.

In eosio we need just 21 computers

Way too many people agreeing or getting to a consensus of what to order for lunch can be a nightmare. The more people we add, the slower the decisions are made. But if we allow a single person to decide for everyone, I’m sure more than one will not be happy. 21 was a magical number found by the lead developer in charge of the eosio blockchain, between dictatorship and too-slow-to-be-usefull. If we have 21 computers, each of them gets a turn to approve the transactions, to produce blocks of the blockchain. Those 21 computers are elected by the people who own EOS, the eosio token. We are interested in delegating the job to the 21 best block producer candidates because we want the best network, the best blockchain. We chose them, we delegated them, we trust them, we don’t need complex mathematical calculations. That makes eosio so fast. But all candidates say they are the best. How can we know the candidates?

We have a great list of block producer candidates, curated by eosgo, where we can read a lot of each candidate. USA citizens are not used to have more than 2 candidates for the presidency, but where I live, it’s very common to have around 20 candidate parties. For eosio we see a list of +140, which makes it very hard to make a smart decision. I invite you to read in more detail my opinion on how to filter the block producer candidates. After you decide, the next step is to vote. So, where do I vote?

We are about to be one week from the eosio release day, and there is no way to vote. Repeat after me: “there is NO WAY TO VOTE”. Block.one, the company behind eosio, said it doesn’t feel right for them to be involved in the voting process, as it could lead to doubts about the voting process. They can’t be judge and jury. The eosio community took the initiative to build an EOSPortal to solve the problem, but they need funds to build it. I’m very glad to see my top 2 eosio block producer candidates raising together 40% of the funds needed for such an important tool.

Block Producer Candidate

Resilient, fast and flexible infrastructure, rapid growth capacity, crosspolination from diverse partnerships, demonstrated community involvement.

Mesoamerica is the cultural and geographic region joining the North and South of the Americas. Our region has a very diverse population and bioregions, rich in subcultures, at short distance from each other, in a workable time zone for the continent. Because of this diversity and strategic location, we believe to be an ideal location for a Block Producer and ideal testing ground for developing world blockchain applications that have analogous characteristics to several other parts of the world.

We are eosmeso: set in stone!

EOS Nation

We are a group of dedicated, passionate and ambitious individuals aiming to contribute positively to the preservation of the EOS platform and its community.

We are members of the community. We strongly believe in this technology and the beneficial impact it will have on our society and each of us. Our goal is to represent each of you, to give you a say at the highest level. We will be your voice in the community, and we will take your projects to heart.

Building our future one block at a time.

Thanks to them and to many eosio enthusiast, we reached the goal. Money isn’t everything, so I invite you all to follow the development of the EOSPortal and congratulate the team behind it. I can not emphasize enough the importance of the voting tool, please visit the funds page at: https://www.gofundme.com/EOSvotingportal

Do you have a voting tool initiative you want to share? Please comment.


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