eosMeso made its mark on EOS Events in Asia

eosMeso were proud to participate in the recently held EOS conferences in Seoul, South Korea and Shanghai, China. Two of our team members, Jose Toriello and Daniel Toledo, participated in the events and were very well received by the generous hosts EosNodeOne, AcroEOS, EOSYS, EOSCannon, EOSMeetOne and EOSGravity. Our thanks to them!

EOS Community Conference 2018 EOS Community Conference 2018 EOS Family Day EOS Family Day

One of the highlights of the trip was the moment in Shanghai during the Family Day, when Jose presented the eosMeso effort to all the attendees. His explanation, letting all the EOS folks know about our large member coalition, our voteos.info tool and our plans to audit paper based elections in MesoAmerica got a strong reaction from the crowd, the energy in the room was definitely elevated after his talk. The eosMeso “strong finish” that has become a signature of our campaign was very nice, because pretty much all of the EOS community participated!

eosMeso “strong finish” eosMeso “strong finish” eosMeso “strong finish” Our signature!

It was great to be able to meet with and interact with so many EOS people from all over the world. Represented at these events were people from: China, Korea, USA, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, South Africa, Ireland, England, Ukraine, Dubai, Israel, Australia, Hong Kong, Sweden, The Netherlands, Iberia, Russia, and to our great surprise Costa Rica and El Salvador! It´s amazing to see so much of the world represented in the EOS world. We are looking forward to more participants from the Indian subcontinent, south east Asia, Africa and Latin America, still, the diversity represented within EOS is quite a positive sign and tells us that our idea of ONE world is possible.

It was great to listen to so many great presentations, some of the highlights to us were the presentation in Seoul by Thomas Cox, where he labeled all the people involved in EOS as “Revolutionaries”. We were inspired by this as it falls directly within our philosophy and mythology  of game changing and peaceful revolutionaries!

And speaking of Changing the Game, we were very pleased to meet Brock Pierce, seen here giving his speech about the forthcoming EOS Alliance. His mottos of: “from compounding interest to compounding impact”, “MONEY – ME = ONE” , and finding your IKIGAI have been an inspiration to the eosMeso founding members for a while now.

Brock Pierce's speech Brock Pierce’s speech

We were honored by him when, after “airdropping” him a t-shirt and him “airgrabbing” it, he paused to change and wear it. During this exchange, Jose had the chance of letting him know about one of our “Compounding Impact” projects, The Lake Atitlán Rescue Effort. We were so happy to hear that he has the intention to come to Guatemala to learn more about it and see if it is a good fit for his Restart One project. See you at Lake Atitlán, Brock!


Airdrop! Airdrop!

We met the legendary John Milburn, aka JEM and had many chances to talk with him and learn from his vast experience in areas ranging from Nuclear Physics to Korean History to VC funding to Blockchain projects. Aside from being such a wonderful knowledge base, we found him to be a very funny, kind and generous human being. He is much nicer in person than on telegram 🙂

We were glad to give out our stickers, t-shirts and jade pieces to so many folks who will likely remember us fondly for a long time, as we will them. Our t-shirts are one of the coolest EOS swag out there, judging by their popularity, they might even take the cake of “most coveted” EOS swag! We were sorry we only took 50 tshirts with us, since so many people wanted one, it was hard to decide who got one. If you were there and want one of our t-shirts, please let us know and we will make sure to save one for you, for the next time!

We even had a football style (soccer, for the confused Americans reading 😉 ) shirt exchange with Kevin from EOSNY and Naomi from Sheos!

And if our shirts were popular, our jade pendants even more! So much so, that we decided to give them only to the women of EOS as a way to pre-select who to give them too and not make everyone jealous! Also as a way of congratulating the ladies who so bravely enter this mostly male industry. It was a great opportunity to share some Mesoamerican culture with them, as each jade pendant that was given has an inscription containing the Mayan Tzolkin Calendar daysign of the person receiving it. The ladies enjoyed very much receiving these and learning what the “Mayan Zodiac” says about their life energy. At eosMeso, we are very happy to have many female members in our team, you can check out their amazing work in a video. A vote for us is a vote to strengthen what they are doing that is so good for humanity and the planet!

The kind folks at ACROES and KOREOS organized a video interview with many of the visiting Block Producer candidates. It was a great opportunity to spread the word about eosMeso to the Korean community. They, of course, all got the very coveted eosMeso t-shirts! Thank you Damian, Conam and Mina!

eosmeso at BlockShow Asia 2018 eosmeso at BlockShow Asia 2018

We interviewed the EOSCannon team, great group from Shanghai and hosts of the EOS Family day. Our interview of them can be found here!


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