EosMeso teaching “introduction to blockchain” at the university

From now on EosMeso teaching “introduction to blockchain” at the university.

Last July “Profe” Luis Fernando Gramajo taught a summer course at the Francisco Marroquín University.

He started teaching “Introduction to Blockchain”.

In order to teach this course and check the interest and demand of students.

As a final project of the course they developed a game called CryptoHunt that runs on the Ethereum network.

University Campus Francisco Marroquin


Because of the innovative and practical nature of the game, the admissions department of the university uses it to show the campus to the students of the schools that visit them.

The acceptance of the course was so good, and the vision of the university to believe in blockchain as a liberal technology.  Computer science students now receive the Blockchain 3.0 course.

Working on the CryptoLions testnet

The objective of the course is that seniors students of this career apply their knowledge they have acquired for 5 years, to develop decentralized applications of last generation.


EosMeso is constantly looking for and researching what is needed in the network.

The students want to be able to contribute and develop tools for the community. The students have participated in blockchain development hackathons.

This has been collaborated not only with participating but also in meeting new developers and being competitive in the field as well as making themselves known.


Hackathon winners

Simple ICO and Decetralized Technologies organized a hackathon for the non-profit organization NUKUNEM.

This group of young students won the price and the honor to contribute with the project.

In which they developed an academic control system, which will allow them to verify in real time the courses they have taken.

It can be also use it as part of their curriculum and also be able to access better job opportunities.


Listening to Jose Toriello’s proposal



The Friends of Lake Atitlán Association asked to the students to participate in a project.

They where asked to develop a protocol in EOS for the verification or auditing of popular consultations.

“Blockchain is not only speculating in the market of cryptos to make money, it is a distributed database technology, which as such must be in the computer science curriculum.” L.G.

Daniel Toledo


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