eosmeso: technical specs and staff information

This is a series of articles about eosmeso Block Producer Candidate. In this article we publish the technical specs and staff members information.

Tecnical information

  • Official block producer candidate name: @eosmeso
  • Location of company headquarters: Edificio Campus Tec 2, Ruta 4 1-00 zona 4, Guatemala City, Guatemala
  • Expected location of servers: Km 9.5 Carretera a El Salvador, Santa Catarina Pinula, Guatemala
  • Type of servers: bare metal

Employee list, relevant background qualifications of the staff:

Jose “Fire is Born” Toriello
Head of Strategy and Relations

Jose has inspired many in Guatemala and the world to discover bitcoin and blockchain since 2014. His passion for ethics, transparency and a “world of we” has taken him to dedicate full time to this since late 2016. Since the publication of the eos.io whitepaper, he has been sharing his belief that “this is going to be it” with any one who will listen. He is founding member of eosmeso.io, ceiba.io, Bullbro Inc, weloveguatemala.com, and volunteer, board member and donor to Asociación de Amigos del Lago de Atitlán, a for impact organization working to install a water utility, lake saving, energy generating, wastewater management infrastructure in Mesoamerica’s most iconic lake, Lake Atitlán.

He is routinely called upon by people in the local tech sphere to explain the importance of blockchain. He has gathered with tech and business leaders, medical proffessionals, indigenous movements, entertainment and media, non-profits, and government institutions to relay to them the best ways to prepare for the coming changes.

He is a member of Abundance 360 digital community, UFM alumn and has attended several industry related gatherings like Startup Societies Summit, Singularity University Global Summit, BlockCon, Re-start Week, The North American Bitcoin Conference, Polycon and others to build relationships, better understand where we are going and represent what he has learned locally.

Luis “Quetzal Guacamaya” Gramajo
Head of Infrastructure and Operations

Luis is known in Guatemala´s “Silicon Alley” blockchain circles as “The Blockchain Prof”, for his ample knowledge of the different protocols out there . His 20+ year career in IT infrastructure management has seen him manage server farms for several local banks, utility companies and others.

His interest in the open source software eventually led him to mine bitcoin on a USB stick. He has never looked back.

His nickname “El Prof.” became uncanny when Universidad Francisco Marroquín approached him to help design and implement the blockchain curricula, a collaboration of the economics, computer science and law faculties.

He is eosmeso.io leader in charge of uptime, connectivity and hardware.

Carliño “Sky Born” Toriello
Head of Community Building

Carlos is a passionate citizen, concerned human being, volunteer and loyal friend. He’s managed international investments in reproductive health, solar energy, construction and education in the region. He is responsible for the thriving community that has gathered around the ceiba.io meetups. He is our chief community builder and will leverage his network in the impact investment field to get more entrepreneurs to join the EOS ecosystem.

Gloria “Ixkalomté” Alvarez
Influencers and Media Partners

Queen of libertarian radio in LATAM, Gloria has a passion for logic, free speech and open dialogue. She exposed the lies of corrupt candidates for Guatemala´s presidential elections in 2014 and led many pacific protests during the tumultuos resignation of the then Vice-President and Presidents of the government of the Republic. Eosmeso is sponsoring her “Freedom Friday shows”, with reach to over 70,000 weekly listeners.

Arturo “The Star” Castro
Influencers and Media Partners

Actor, producer, director and a very funny and talented guy, Arturo has starred in the Netflix series “Narcos” as the really bad guy in the third season, and been cast member for several Comedy Central programs like “Broad City” and his own show now in production “Alterlatino”.

His popularity with people in North and Mesoamerica and his involvement in eosmeso is a very unique asset. He was named “Distinguished Citizen” last year, and has led several charitable campaigns since before his entertainment career took off.

He understands the need for a better digital rights management and is very excited to help eosmeso.io and EOS at large achieve our goals.

Javier “The Spirit” Borrayo
Influencers and Media Partners

Javier Borrayo is a film writer and director who sports the honor of being the first central american to receive funding for a film through the blockchain. His film “Luz” is currently in post-production and will be distributed through Ethervision, a decentralized entertainment platform to be released late 2018.

He has produced several documentary and artistic films depicting the stark realities and beauty of our region.

“I really believe that everything is possible, but there is almost nothing that I believe 100% … except for the power of love and the rightness of being kind” – My friend Chelsea said it but I take it for myself.

André “The Producer” Gamez
Influencers and Media Partners

André Gamez is a guitar prodigy and head of the INTERGALACTIC SOUNDSYSTEM music studio. He plays lead guitar for “Filoxera”, the most exciting rock band in the region and the first to accept criptocurrency as payment for their shows. He is the person musicians and bands turn to if the want the best sounding record. Graduate of the Los Angeles Recording School, his connections to the music industry along with his desire to have a more transparent and artists friendly industry are the reasons for his having been invited to be a partner in eosmeso.

Josué “The Guru” García
Influencers and Media Partners

Is a rockstar bass player and microfinance guru. With Bohemia Suburbana, the biggest rock band out of Central America, he has toured throughout central america, and several cities in the USA like New York, Houston, Maryland, LA, San Diego, Connecticut, DC playing for migrant and local fans. He has shared the stage with Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Incubus, Matisyahu, Bomba Stereo and Maná, among others ….

His 12 year career in microfinance has seen him innovate in the field, now personally in charge of overseeing 8$M in microloans in the western highlands of Guatemala for a firm with over 20,000 clients. He is spearheading the switch from cash to electronic money.

Jose “Pepe Satoshi” Guillén
Influencers and Media Partners

Founding member of ACUCRIP and member of the “ceiba.io 21”, José has travelled throughout Central America to spread the adoption of sound money. He will help to strengthen eosmeso outside Guatemala to all the regions of MESOAMERICA. He, Jose Toriello, and Eduardo Cuevas share the dubious honor of being summoned by the Central Bank of Guatemala to explain basic concepts about bitcoin and blockchain.

He is passionate about decentralized economics and is part of a land reclamation biodynamic agriculture project that has turned what was once a fallow “potrero” into a lush, productive and organic source of nutrition in the eastern lands of Guatemala.

Fernando “Fudōshin” Pontaza
Business Development

Fernando is Co-Founder and Managing GP at Invariantes Fund, Guatemala’s first early-stage venture capital fund, with a focus on software, connecting companies, capital and talent across the Americas.

He is eosmeso’s liaison to the VC world in SF, LATAM and beyond. He’s a fierce advocate of having skin in the game and in physical and mental well-being. He is an active Gracie jiu-jitsu brown belt and CrossFit practitioner.

Juan José “Decorated Jaguar” Estrada
Business Development

Co-Founder and Chairman of E10 and Grupo OEG. His purpose is to help solve humanity’s biggest energy challenges in emerging markets. With over three decades of track record investing and building companies, Juan José has positioned himself as an innovator in the energy infrastructure sector in Central America.

His portafolio companies include CESA, leader involved in building the most advanced tier-3 data centers in Guatemala and providing uptime in the energy sector.

The E10 portfolio also includes HYBRICO and KINGO. HYBRICO is a start-up delivering end-to-end energy-as-a-service solutions through hybrid systems to the telecom industry in emerging markets, helping reduce their energy costs while creating a greener more connected future. And KINGO, which is creating the largest clean energy user base in history through pre-paid decentralized solar energy services for the base of the pyramid in emerging markets.

KINGO recently made headlines when they announced a breakthrough investment from Leonardo DiCaprio

Gustavo “Kakao” González
Business Development

Gustavo is CEO of VeryNiceTech, an “Applications Factory” responsible for handling over $100M in yearly transactions through one of their flagship clients “TodoTicket” (where Gus is partner). His company is actively developing blockchain solutions for agricultural supply chains and the entertainment industry. His role with eosmeso is to help identify ways to bridge the gap between “traditional” enterprise development and the “EOS” future we are co-creating.

Jason “Sababa” Turton
Business Development

Jason is a seasoned entrepreneur and investor, member of EO Guatemala since 2009. He and his 6 amigos represent founders of businesses ranging from real estate developers and architechts to ecommerce to organic consumer brands, to restaurant and retail. Jason is passionate about meditation as a conduit to higher consciousness and is eosmeso’s nexus to the tech movement in Tel Aviv.

Alfredo “Salsa“ De La Hoz
Business Development

Alfredo leads AAA+, the premier wealth management advisory in MesoAmerica. He has helped many prominent families to better understand international business and structure their business and succession plans. He cannot wait for EOS to serve as the base for the future of custody, provenance, escrow and arbitration, so that he and his firm can better serve their customers, from Miami to Brazil and everywhere in between.

Mario “Imox” Aguiluz
Business Development

Mario is the Director at Integra Cancer Institute, the first comprehensive center for cancer treatment in Central America. He brings eosmeso access to several industries including the medical industry, banking and energy. Mario is a Global Shaper from the Guatemala City Hub, very active in the Guatemala Blockchain community, and very interested in the technical side of Crossfit.

Mikele “Two birds” Ceschia
Tech and Infrastructure

Our liason with our first cloud infrastructure UPTIME provider. Mikele has an 18 year career in Business Development for the leading telecomm provider in the region. His role is to ensure eosmeso needs will be met quickly and effectively. He is passionate about using technology to “leapfrog” the sustainable development of our region.

Stuardo “Precious Peccary” Rodriguez
Tech and Infrastructure

Stuardo is an experienced backend software developer who has been a devoted member of the EOSIO developer community. EOS was the first protocol to pass his skeptical mind´s test of real world use. He is working with Prof Gramajo on making sure our 24/7 monitoring team is up to speed on IT management. He will collaborate with eosmeso to develop tools for EOSIO and advise in our direction.

He is the creator of transparente.gt, and has succeeded, after persisting for 6 years, in getting the Guatemalan government to share data in useful forms for citizens to be able to audit their government.

Carlos Recinos
Tech and Infrastructure

Carlos is an IT specialist and Prof Gramajo´s college mate. He will supervise our 24/7 monitoring effort.

He is looking at EOS with the same emotion he gets when he looks to the sky.

Gabriel “The Athlete” Delgado
University and education Relations

Gabe is a serial entrepreneur with several exits and failures under his belt. YPO member and fiduciary at Universidad Francisco Marroquín, an outstanding asset for life, liberty and property in the region. Currently he is working on a proposal under the Special Economic Zones of Development framework in Honduras, he wants to build a new city in the carribean, on the blockchain of course.

Juan “The Builder” Mini
University and education Relations

“JM is a Standford graduate with the dream of Zona 4 in Guatemala City becoming the technology hub for LATAM that he knows it can be. His dream is coming true, in large part because of his work in creating “Campus Tec”, a 3 building complex housing over ___ startup and tech focused businesses. Already a success, he wants blockchain tech to take the ecosystem he has been key in bringing to life to the next level. “

Katia Cerwin
University and education Relations

Katia designs and creates experiences that bring forth humanity’s greatness and her fundamental purpose in life is to leave this world better than we can imagine. Katia is an impact innovator with eight years of professional experience focused on design and communications; directly involved in creating and starting conscious high-impact endeavours. She has expertise in Innovation, Advertising, Branding, Digital Media, Social Media, Web Design, Communications, Strategy and Execution; both in the digital and analog worlds. Katia holds a BFA in Advertising Design and a Minor in Graphic Design from SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design). She is currently a Director at Programa Valentina helping solve the challenge that is unemployed youth in Guatemala and Latin America.

Eduardo “The Mind” Cuevas
Finance and Law

Eduardo teaches the “Private Equity” and “Corporate Risk Management” classes at Universidad Francisco Marroquín and has served in different management positions for several international and local financial institutions for the last 18 years. He has originated and supervised corporate debt and quasi-equity portfolios in the Central America region (holdings in each portfolio consistently exceeded $300 million), and was part of transaction teams leading global bond issuances, project finanace, and M&A transactions.

He got bit by the blockchain bug after attending a ceiba.io meetup and has since become an outstanding member of the community. His knowledge of law, finance, telecom and energy sectors provides eosmeso with a great source of wisdom and his connections to the legacy financial world have already proven useful to the community, and to other startups he has supported.

Darío “The Heart” Ramirez
Finance and Law

Darío has taught postgraduate law at Universidad de San Carlos in the Constitutional Law, Tributary Law and Human Rights fields. After his profound knowledge of the Guatemalan Republics Institutional fallencies made him depressed, he found hope in the promise of blockchain technology. He has been consulting for the Guatemalan Banking Association and Registro de mercados de Valores y Mercancías (analogous to the SEC), working for the demystification of cryptocurrency for the past 3 years. When he attended one of the first ceiba meetups, he was overjoyed to find that he “was not alone” in his quest to improve our social operating systems.

Carlos Enrique “The Authority” Newbill
Finance and Law

Investment professional with over 18 years experience in multi-asset investing.

Member of the Finance Committee at Grupo Progreso since 2004. Also, Risk Committee member and board director at Financiera Progreso, part of one of the largest industrial conglomerates in the region. Adjunct professor of Entrepreneurial Finance, Equity Analysis and Capital Markets at UFM since 1999.

Interested in enhanced encryption for the improvement of global business and individual liberty. He also plays a very solid rock and roll drums.

Laura “The Nuance” Castañeda de Lermer
Finance and Law

Corporate counsel skilled at mergers, acquisitions, organizational integration, litigation, resolution of complex corporate challenges, government relationships and creation of profitable enterprises. An analytical strategic thinker and pragmatic tactician who has led legal departments in several industries. Recognized as opinion leader and mentor, with an enviable reputation for developing individual talent and leading high performance teams. Recognized lawyer and speaker for her study of the ILO Convention 169.


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