EOSPortal image leaked, you won’t believe this is not a clickbait!

I don’t know if someone noticed but thanks to eosmeso sharing my post about the lack of voting tools for the eosio main net we got a leaked image of the EOSPortal project thanks to @eosnewyork.

I’ve hear from @eosnewyork and @eosnation are very close in terms of what they want to bring to the eosio ecosystem, but of course who hasn’t heard from them. They are also participating in the development of the EOSPortal and if you follow that chat closely, we all are waiting for news about the portal.

Quoting Kevin Rose from @eosnewyork, he said:

Sorry not trying to be secretive!! Just want to make sure all the relevant information is in order for the community”

And I compltely get it, I’m a developer and I hate it when the client is over my shoulder every 5 minutes “are we there yet? are we there yet? are we there yet?” You either make progress, or report about the progress, but you can’t do both.

But when you are proud of your work, you can’t avoid sharing it with everyone. So, thanks to @eosmeso sharing my post about the voting tools we broke @eosnewyork and forced them to share a screenshot.

It is a mockup, and as a developer, I understand it’s the very first thing you do to get everyone involved in the same page. Specially with a time sensitive project, you don’t have time to rework anything. So, without more blah, blah, I present you the leaked image:

I congratulate everyone in the EOSPortal team as it’s very hard to do a successful project in such a short time. I really hope you all the best.


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