Initial technical specifications as eosio block producer

This is a series of articles about eosmeso Block Producer Candidate. In this article we explain our initial technical specifications as eosio block producer.

We estimate to have spent around $45,000 by June 3rd. This includes labour costs of planning, marketing costs of reaching out to voters and down payments on our data center rental contracts.

Technical Specifications

Hardware Specifications
Our proposal for the network launch is the following,

Block Producer, main and standby

  • vCPUs 16 Cores
  • Memory 128 GB RAM
  • 120 GB(SSD)
  • 20 Mbps

Full node, main and standby

  • vCPUs 8 Cores
  • Memory 64 GB RAM
  • 60 GB(SSD)
  • 20 Mbps


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