Motivating Blockchain Developers Students

Jose Toriello had the opportunity to meet and congratulate the blockchain developers students of “profe” Luis Gramajo, who recently won the first blockchain  hackathon in Guatemala, so he can motivate them to keep going.

Computer science students. (Francisco Marroquin University)

He told them about one of the projects he is currently working on, which is to rescue Lake Atitlán, talking about the high levels of pollution and sharing data about the work that is being done.

He proposed that they present an idea of how to carry out in EOS a popular consultation that will be of vital importance.

Since he considers this adoption necessary to avoid any attempt to boycott the decision in this consultation and be able to demonstrate a more transparent result.

Also proposed the idea of using EOS to record each persons approval or not of a large infrastructure plan.

He explained how this is a stepping stone towards a more transparent and provable way of determining real support or opposition to development plans.

The students were excited to imagine a more transparent future, where  citizens can express their opinion on official matters, on chain.

The students will submit their first iteration at the problem on November 26th.

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As they showed interest they start proposing a solution to develop in EOS, also asked several questions and they were proposing ideas.


At EosMeso we want a better society, which is why it is important to collaborate in the adoption of technology.

As well as motivating blockchain developers and students to participate in the different projects.

Daniel Toledo



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