Why the bare metal argument for EOS BP’s is incomplete.

There have been some BPs and public personalities advocating for a vote for BARE METAL block producers. This article is an attempt to expand on this issue and perhaps give voters a more balanced perspective on the matter.

The argument goes something like this: “Bare metal servers are the best because they ensure no 3rd party can shut down EOS”. They have a point, if all BPs were to use AWS, then it becomes apparent that EOS has a central point of failure. I would personally like to see a maximum of 1 BP out of the top 21 running on AWS, if any.

However, let’s look at the flip side. If ALL BP’s have a Bare Metal setup, and are located in the top jurisdictions (China, US, Korea, Europe), it is easy to see that the network becomes vulnerable. All it takes is a few governments going after these locations in concert and EOS goes down.


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