Today’s Google Cloud outage didn’t affect the EOS network

Today, Tuesday July 17th around 13:17 Hrs (GMT-6), EOS Metal reported that several BPs including 4 of the top 21 were offline, or re-synchronizing the chain. See attached image of in this article.

Apparently this anomalous situation had the query servers or API without responding to external connections, however, several claimed that their production servers are still running.

It was quickly determined that the connectivity problems were caused by failures of the Google Cloud service, mainly in Google’s global balancer (

EOS Google Cloud

Several of the affected BPs reported that internally the public API servers were still downloading blocks and connected to the EOS network, but for the rest of the world they were offline.

This shows us that even though 5% of the BPs did not have external connectivity, the EOS network continued to work and process blocks normally.

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