a general purpose voting tool

EOS, can’t be compared to any other blockchain. EOS can’t be compare to anything as it’s always changing. It is an evolving system. It has been growing, changing, being improved, and changed again so many times, and it hasn’t even been live for more than 3 months. It was not meant to be dead-code that was never going to change. It was meant to evolve, and adapt.

But how do we agree on the changes? Currently, we create yet-another Telegram channel, some private key base channel, private calls, and by magic, changes are released. We in eosmeso don’t think that’s the best way to discuss and agree on-chain. That’s why we created, a tool to discuss changes, on change, before applying them.

Here we share the interview we got in the EOS Ignite conference:

The missing piece of a general purpose democratic system: a general purpose voting tool.


At we can start to see if the vocal opponents to v.2 Constitution have as much stake as they have ability to chatter on. Lets hear your comments and let everyone know your opinion.


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