We are eosmeso.io – We want to produce eosio blocks

We are a coalition of entrepreneurs, developers, IT professionals, investors, artists, teachers, lawyers and events and media professionals banded together as a Block Producers.

Our mission is summarized by 3 Pillars:

  1. Strengthen the EOS network
  2. Foster the adoption of EOS
  3. Engage voters ethically

We are headquartered in Zona 4, Guatemala City, Campus Tec 2 Building.

We expect servers to be located in Guatemala City first and later can choose amongst several of the jurisdictions between Mexico and Colombia.

Our model is to use the high quality data center infrastructure available in our favorable and topologically sound “renters market” of MesoAmerica. We have many potential service providers and have already agreed with the strongest of them to a flexible deal allowing us to launch EOS within the next coming weeks and grow to up to 512 Ram with the flick of a switch, should the network demand it.

eosmeso Network

We are eosmeso – set in stone

See more about or block producer candidacy:


Have you considered voting for eosMeso who is ready for that jump?

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Please follow our activities and proposals, reach out with your questions, and please consider a vote for us. Visit us at: https://eosmeso.io or contact us in any of our social network channels:


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