Ownership Disclosure


Eos MesoAmerica Is a coalition of Artists, Entrepreneurs, Developers, IT Professionals, VCs, Media partners, University Faculty and Trustees, Law and Finance experts, Telecom and Energy start ups and execs, Business School Founders, Impact Investors and Blockchain Community Organizers; banded together as EOS BP candidates. We have a strong presence in MesoAmerica and wish to lead the adoption of EOS locally in order to transform our society for the better.
We are ready to create blockchain solutions to developing world challenges, many of which are already in the alpha or beta phase like: Real time decentralized audit of electoral processes, Tokenization of Reforestation efforts and tree life cycles, Coffee and Kakao Supply Chain transparency, University Tuition Futures, Certification of Skills for Youth to get employment, facilitate the creation of economic Cooperatives locally or “HyperCoops”, Digital rights for music production and concert crowdfunding; and already in commercial use a local stablecoin soon to be passed from hyperledger to eos. These projects will be accelerated by your vote!


WHY DISCLOSE The purpose of this post is to disclose the ownership structure and internal governance policy to our voters and the community at large.

We, of course, want to comply with the interin Constitution and other agreements found here:
(https://github.com/EOS-Mainnet/Community-Launch-Docs/blob/master/EOS%20BP%20Agreement%2020180601.md) and here https://github.com/EOS-Mainnet/Community-Launch-Docs
Also, we want to go further than what we are obliged by the agreements to do, and set the example of how a business of the future should behave.


Libre al Viento Management Corp is a corporation created under the laws of the British Virgin Islands, we chose this jurisdiction because of its tradition of common law, and to provide us with an internationally recognized jurisdiction to operate legally from. Libre al Viento Management Corp issued a privately placed offering “EOS MESOAMERICA: Jade 1”, which basically constitutes an agreement between stakeholders in eosMeso and the management team. The agreement is best summarized as follows:

Libre al Viento is the operator, in charge of strategy and operations, whose mandate is to win the votes of as many eos tokenholders as possible, while respecting the internal ethical guidelines as well as EOS Constitution and Ricardian Contracts, and pay out to stakeholders 95% of eos obtained, during the time in which the USD350,000 raised from partners lasts. Libre al Viento will get to keep 4% of eos obtained as management fee and 1% of income will go to ceiba.io blockchain community to be managed in concert by the 21 people who have contributed the most to the formation and momentum of the group, only 8 of which are part of eosMeso.

Before the USD funds raised run out, partners have first rights to continue to fund the enterprise in proportion to their active stake in the campaign, and management has the right to determine the amount of capital to call for, as long as it remains under double the original amount. If Management deems more capital is necessary, a majority of partners must agree to raise the call for capital further. This allows for flexibility and never running out of funds, regardless of eos token price in USD terms. Also, it allows for more and more partners to join the campaign and participate. We believe this decentralized and privately placed approach to capital formation is our of our long term keys to success.

Libre al Viento is the Managing Partner in the Jade 1 offering, and has 3 owners: Jose Toriello, 37.5%, Luis Fernando Gramajo 37.5% and Bullbro Inc, 25%, a family office holding corporation that Carlos Toriello represents on Libre al Viento Board. Remember, Libre al Viento will only receive 4% of any eos obtained from the BP candidacy results.

This structure is novel in three main ways. It prevents eosMeso from needing to liquidate eos tokens in order to be able to pay for real world services, which is important in our region at least, and might become an attack vector on the network at large (think of all the bitcoin debit cards cancelled last year). If BP’s need to liquidate their eos to purchase servers, pay for services, etc, it creates downward price pressure. Our model works in the opposite way. We raise and spend USD and deliver eos to our partners. Win for eosMeso campaign, Win for esoMeso partners and Win for eostokenholders. The structure is also novel in that it allows for stakeholders the option to exit or continue on with us, at least once per year. This means that over time, our partners will change, some will be new, others will leave. We will continue to publish this data as it happens, usually once or twice per year.

Hardware and Infrastructure
Most people don’t know, but our region has a very robust internet infrastructure. The combination of a good telecom and energy legal framework and the geographical location between Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, have made it a hotbed for international internet connections. There is a 2/1 phone numbers to people ratio in Guatemala since many people have a phone with 2 or even 3 providers. The competition among the largest players and newcomers has been great for the customer. This environment is great for eosMeso too, because we can migrate our DEDICATED SERVERS from provider to provider or locate our OWN SERVERS if we wish, inside proven data centers with industry standard operations that will be very onerous to maintain for a single service that is not inside a shared facility and expose the network to attack if done without professional expertise. Having ISO certified tier 3 data centers at our disposal from several different providers, all vying to win our business is something positive for the network, both on redundancy and on network cost sides of the equation.



We have been very public about our large partner base.  You can study many of the faces and profiles of our partners in our www.eosmeso.io page or in our previous steemit posts.  

Our of respect and safety of our partners, we prefer not to disclose each person’s particular proportion publicly, but we will disclose the cap table structure to explain the point of how decentralized our structure is already.   Only the largests holders will be made public, to adhere to the spirtit of the rules, which by the way do not force us to disclose these.

Our partners have provided capital for our operation, whether in cash or through “sweat equity” in the following proportions, which allow them to vote on major issues in the same proportion.  These are the proportions of the 41 the real owners of eosMeso, and can choose a different management team if they see fit. Part of our internal agreement states that we shall not participate in any other BP campaign as partner or receiving payment, until after 1 full year of having cut ties with eosMeso.  None of our partners have an interest in any other BP *(except maybe eosDac, since some might still have the airdrop tokens they received without asking for them). 95% of the eos tokens eosMeso gains from our candidacy, while the Jade 1 round lasts, will be disbursed in the following manner: