To be transparent in the use of resources, our relationships to providers, investors, partners and the network at large

  • The way we see it, the EOS network will power a much more transparent and auditable world.
    As responsible stewards of the network in our region, we believe we must set an example of what is to be expected from a business of the future. Therefore, we will to publish relevant company data, allowing for the privacy of individual investors only, if they so chose, although metadata about accepted partners will be made available and any partners who are welcome are value adding to our proposal.
  • Our costs, strategy, performance, income, investments and donations shall be public.
  • Our capitalization model is simple for this: Jade1 offering.  Capital calls are made in USD or “in kind” to pay for infrastructure, labor and marketing costs. Out the other end come eos tokens for partners.  When the USD are spent, management can make capital calls and partners receive the option to answer the call within 30days or cede their proportions to management,  who will buy it while it finds the appropriate new partner to fill the role.  We have standing letters of credit from two firms of up to $500,000, payable within 2 days time, to cover for any necessary “unforseen” events, in case .