To engage the voting EOS tokenholders in an ethical fashion

  • We invite all eos holders to vote for us because of the benefits we provide to the EOS blockchain network as a whole, and not because of direct payment attributable to a particular vote.  We aim to inspire and educate the eos holders about the virtues of keeping voting separate from investing as a way to safeguard the network.
  • Our partners hold units in the “jade 1” offering, which entitle them to receive most of the eos we earn as Block Producers, until the offering expires and we raise additional funds in USD from partners.  We have assembled a broad partner pool that we believe guarantees sound capitalization, as long as there is expected network health and  as long as management succeeds at gaining the trust of the eos voters and  as stewards of their system.   We have established lines of credit to accomodate for any crunch our model could run into, whether it be rapid network growth requiring rapid capital deployment or anything else. We visualize these “jade” offerings as DAC tokens in the future, and will innovate until ready for open market offerings, if found to be an appropriate model as experience accumulates. We believe this model to properly allign the incentives of management, BP partners and eos tokenholders.