To foster the adoption of the main EOS blockchain by leveraging our networks

  • Our partners have strong local and global networks in diverse fields like app development, venture capital, ticketing, international commerce, commodities export, trade finance, university, real estate development, microfinance, IT infrastructure, energy, telecomm, music and film. They will serve as EOS ambassadors in their respective fields, especially if we are a top 21 block producer! Please have a look at our partners and advisors, a diverse group to have EOS reach every industry in the region.
  • Some of our partners and both our managers are founding members of, a for impact nonprofit association educating public and private groups through free of charge workshops and publications since 2016.   Eosmeso commits to donating 1% of our block reward revenues directly to for it to continue its labor of educating the business and tech community in MESOAMERICA about the improvements to society that can be achieved through the use of blockchain technology, we also support another 4 impact/charity groups already, and have plans to include more groups who have a record of delivery in their fields. If these institutions receive our block rewards, then they will surely tell everybody about how great EOS is!