To strengthen the main EOS blockchain by adding to its antifragility.

How? With fast, reliable, geographically and jurisdictionally flexible, redundant and secure computational infrastructure, adhering to the principles of life, liberty and property.

Contract features:

  • Fast and Reliable: Tier 3+, upgradable to tier 4, ISO certified Datacenter structure with flexibility to run  64GB-512GB RAM servers according to network needs, run inside  datacenters within the infrastructure handling 70% of the internet traffic of Guatemala and a mirror and backup.  A policy of taking advantage of the available capacity in the regional data center ecosystem to ensure availability and scalability, always ensuring the best service and pricing, is our goal.
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  • Geographically and jurisdictionally flexible:  Option to run a mirror service in Colombia, Costa Rica, Panama or Paraguay. Option to backup with alternative operator.  Option to finance and locate stronger machines when needed.  All within a few hours reach.
  • Secure layout featuring front facing and back facing servers.