Why Mesoamerica?


Mesoamerica is the cultural and geographic region joining the North and South of the Americas.  Our region has a very diverse population and bioregions, rich in subcultures, at short distance from each other, in a workable time zone for the continent.  Because of this diversity and strategic location, we believe to be an ideal location for a Block Producer and ideal testing ground for developing world blockchain applications that have analogous characteristics to several other parts of the world.

Eosmeso is headquartered in Guatemala, at the heart of MesoAmerica, the navel of the earth.  We want Guatemala to become ground zero for blockchain based solutions to  developing world problems relating to water, land use, denomination of origin and supply chain transparency, institutional accountability, insurance and reinsurance, micro investment and other use cases in need of reliable, affordable and transparent transactions.  

At eosmeso, we understand the compounding positive effects for the entire EOS network of using a proportion of BP rewards to directly fund projects in our community. We have chosen several established institutions, whose work can be amplified by a continuous stream of funding and whose contact with eos in this way should lead to more and more people knowing about the virtues of our system and adopting the use of it.

A vote for us is a vote for the strength of the network, the adoption of EOS within Mesoamerica and the direct benefit of the following impact groups: www.ceiba.io, www.amigosatitlan.org, www.plantemos.org and Programa Valentina. Please browse our steemit post on community projects for more on this. View Post

Our vision is to be one of the 21 main block producers for the main EOSIO blockchain and be responsible stewards of the transition to a world of transparency, user owned data and abundance. A strong team, a strong value proposition to the network, strong geographical reasons and demonstrated community support are the reasons why you can feel sure about a vote for eosmeso.ioView Steemit