Block Producer Candidate

Resilient, fast and flexible infrastructure, rapid growth capacity, crosspolination from diverse partnerships, demonstrated community involvement.

We are eosmeso: set in stone.

Why Mesoamerica?

Our Pillars

Strengthen the network

Foster adoption and use

Engage voters Ethically


Founding Team

Jose “Fire is Born” Toriello

Head of Strategy and Relations

Luis “Quetzal Guacamaya” Gramajo

Head of Infrastructure and Operations

Carliño “Sky Born” Toriello

Head of Community Building


Why Mesoamerica?

GEOGRAPHYMesoamerica is the cultural and geographic region joining the North and South of the Americas.  Our region has a very diverse population and bioregions, rich in subcultures, at short distance from each other, in a workable time zone for the continent.  Because of this diversity and strategic location, we believe to be an ideal location for a Block Producer and…


To strengthen the main EOS blockchain by adding to its antifragility.

How? With fast, reliable, geographically and jurisdictionally flexible, redundant and secure computational infrastructure, adhering to the principles of life, liberty and property. Contract features: Fast and Reliable: Tier 3+, upgradable to tier 4, ISO certified Datacenter structure with flexibility to run  64GB-512GB RAM servers according to network needs, run inside  datacenters within the infrastructure handling 70% of the internet traffic…

Ownership Disclosure

Ownership Disclosure

WHO WE ARE Eos MesoAmerica Is a coalition of Artists, Entrepreneurs, Developers, IT Professionals, VCs, Media partners, University Faculty and Trustees, Law and Finance experts, Telecom and Energy start ups and execs, Business School Founders, Impact Investors and Blockchain Community Organizers; banded together as EOS BP candidates. We have a strong presence in MesoAmerica and wish to lead the adoption…

Code of Conduct

The eosmeso pledge

I as (member) of eosMeso hereby pledge: To embody the values of protecting life, libery and property in my daily actions. To learn about EOS to the best of my ability in order to best inform others about EOS, when asked. This includes staying up to date on the standing EOS Constitution and Block Producer agreements. To represent eosMeso with…

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